Charles Thompson | Motel California | Ep 201

The Disappearance of Charles Thompson: Motel California

However, I think that weekend went the way it usually did because Charles had those phone calls and at no time did he sound in distressed. In fact, and interestingly, if Charles was murdered because he wouldn’t give money to someone, during those calls Charles seemingly never did mention to his nephew about getting money for Charles. At least as far as we know. Because really, if Charles was in trouble on either Saturday or Sunday over money, why not tell his nephew so the guy could bail Charles out of his predicament? Instead, they talked about Charles’ work, if that is to be believed.

Charles Albert Thompson was a 52 year old from Fair Play, CA. He had children and lived with his father. On Friday, October 2, 2015, Charles left for a weekend of partying in Jackson. ON Sunday morning, the 4th, Charles talked to someone on the phone, the topic being that Charles would be home that evening. He was never seen again.




If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Charles Thompson, please contact the El Dorado Sheriff’s Department at 530-621-5703.

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Calling all Armchair Detectives, DIYSleuths, True Crime Fans

Charles Thompson Unfound T-Shirt

Charles Thompson disappeared on October 15, 2016 from El Dorado County, CA. You can raise awareness for his unsolved case by wearing this shirt designed by the missing persons program, Unfound.

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