Gregory Howells | Playing with Fire

Gregory Downes Howells was a 42 year old from Mendocino County, CA. He loved to golf and was a playwright. On the evening of June 17, 1997, Greg went to the Rancho Canada golf course in Carmel Valley to play a round. But he didn’t come home that night. The next morning Greg’s cart and clubs were found on the 13th tee. He was never seen again.





That then takes us to choice #1: He staged that scene so as to run off to start a new life.

Now, you already know I’m not one to usually pick this scenario as my favorite choice. Yes, I’ve done it before. Trevor Nichols comes to mind. But it’s very rare. I don’t like saying people walked off because this is the most difficult of all the possibilities to prove in any disappearances.

Look at the things people have to do:

–new name.

–new social security.

–new location.

–make new friends.

–have to consistently lie to the new people you meet.

Etc. Etc. Etc. It’s HARD.

Yes, people have accomplished it. But we all can understand how hard it is. I mean, one little mistake and the ruse is exposed.

In addition, the other point (and I’m almost contradicting myself here) is Greg doesn’t sound like the kind of person who is going to start from scratch at 42 years old and tough things out.

However, I choose to look at this way. For Greg, there was no easy choice. For him, in his state of mind, it was just picking the best of all bad choices.

What do I mean by that?

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