Brian Cook | Tip of the Tentacle | Ep 200

Brian David Cook was a 37 year old from Oceana, WV. He was a military vet and a father. On July 26, 2011, Brian got picked up at his girlfriend’s house so he could buy a truck from his stepmother. He allegedly got to his destination but didn’t buy the truck, then left. He was never seen again.

Gregory Howells | Playing with Fire | Ep 199

Gregory Downes Howells was a 42 year old from Mendocino County, CA. He loved to golf and was a playwright. On the evening of June 17, 1997, Greg went to the Rancho Canada golf course in Carmel Valley to play a round. But he didn’t come home that night. The next morning Greg’s cart and clubs were found on the 13th tee. He was never seen again.

Ashley Summers: Gone on the 4th of July | Ep 120

Ashley Nicole Summers was a 14 year old from Cleveland, OH. Although she was close to her family, 2007 saw Ashley begin to act out and get in some minor trouble. So, on July 4th of that year, she had gone to a family party then went home. At which point Ashley got into a fight with her uncle who she was living with. Ashley packed some things and left. She was never seen again.

Christopher Mittendorf and Kristina Branum | In The Box | Ep 198

Christopher Dale Mittendorf and Kristina Delane Branum were a 21 year old and 17 year old respectively from Hardin County, TN. They had been a couple for over a year and lived with Chris’ mother. On July 26, 2006, they left to visit Chris’ father. They never arrived there, although they did speak with someone on the phone the next day. They were never seen again.

Rodney Kiser | Playing with Fire | Ep 197

Rodney Lynn Kiser was a 32 year old from Hazel Mountain, VA. He was a country store manager and a former deputy. On the evening of April 26, 1990, Rodney drove by his aunt’s home. He was allegedly headed to see his brother who lived hours away. Yet, Rodney’s truck was found only a half mile down the road days later. He was never seen again.