The Unfound Podcast Team Episode

Edward interviews Emily, Cheree, Karie, Heather & Natasha from his team. Get to know them!

The Team | Unfound Ep 193

So when I hear how great these people are who now work with me, it’s very gratifying. Because I know a prior version of Ed would never be in the position to be working with Emily, Cheree, Karie, Heather, Eric, and Natasha.


This takes me to the other part of this blog. I’ve written about it before, maybe on Patreon. I’ve certainly talked about it during the Live Show. And actually, recently, I wrote about for the blog Podomatic did about me—that happened about 6 weeks ago.

And that’s the topic of “what makes a podcast good?” Different hosts will answer it different ways. Some will say that being in the top 200 on iTunes makes a podcast good. Others will base it on downloads. Or likes. Or shares. Or comments. And really, those are all certainly ways a host can gauge his/her own podcast. Certainly. And those are objective standards . . . not subjective.

However, my answer to that question is something totally different. To me, the way a host should gauge whether his/her podcast is good is whether people ask to be part of the process. Does a person wish to attach his/her name to the podcast as well? Does a person see what your podcast is doing and say, “Hey, I want to be a part of it because it’s so damn good.”

THAT is the standard. When people don’t mind their names being attached to something YOU created, you know what you started is good. When people are willing to take some ownership in something you started, then you know you’re getting somewhere.

The tough thing? It’s the hardest level to reach.

The Unfound Team


Get to know the Unfound Podcast team members!

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