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Edward has been invited to be a guest on ‘True Crime Game Time’ show by John Lordan from LordanArts | Brainscratch

9 PM EST Saturday, May 9th

Yes, really. I’ve already posted about it in the Discussion Group and Page on Facebook. And I talked about it last night during the Live Show on YouTube. But I’m going to write about it here as well because I know many of you don’t have Facebook accounts—totally fine. And you may not be signed up for YouTube either—totally fine as well.

A couple days ago, John Lordan from Brain Scratch emailed me. If you don’t know him, he has been hosting a true crime program on YouTube for about . . . 5 years? . . . something like that. Technically, he isn’t a podcaster because he does a video show, not an audio one.

But he emailed me. John and I have had a few interactions over the last couple years. We’ve covered a couple of the same disappearances, although off the top of my head I can’t tell you which ones those are. He asked if I would be interested appearing on a game show he hosts on his channel. I didn’t even know John hosted this show but it seems he’s been doing this for about a month.

Frankly, I asked my assistants, “Should I go on it?” They said yes . . . absolutely. Why did I ask them? Well, because I’m really not one for appearing on a show for appearance’s sake. I’ll do the interview with Dr. Telesco because it furthers the cause of solving missing persons cases. I want to speak at universities because I believe in educating future law enforcement officers. I do the YouTube Live Shows because I think it’s important to interact with all of you in a venue where we can talk and discuss true crime topics.

Whereas, in 3 ½ years I’ve never done something where I was involved just because I host a podcast, as if I’m type of celebrity or something. However, I think my assistants were right, in that the game show is for charity and I certainly support that cause in these times where many people have lost their jobs. I also believe that is the very reason John starting doing this game show—to benefit less fortunate people. Because frankly, my perception of John is that he thinks like me: He’s all about the solving of cases and not about the celebrity part of the job.

So, I’ll be appearing and I’m excited about it. I hope the show raises more money than any of the others so far.

The details:

Where it will be playing live:

Time: 8:30pm ET

Date: May 9th (that’s next Saturday)

My understanding is there will be 3 other podcast hosts competing besides myself. At this time I have no idea who those others will be. The show is not really a “trivia” show. From what I’ve seen, it has elements of Family Feud, Card Sharks, and a few others in its presentation. So it doesn’t pay to be technically “book smart”.

Even though it’s for charity, you can guarantee I’ll be playing to win because that’s who I am . . . ahem. I just hope I can keep my language PG-rated if I start to get my butt kicked. I guess, in a way, you’ll get to see what I’m like when my trivia team gets together at Fat Cat Tavern here in Largo, FL on Thursday nights. Well . . . it used to, before COVID 19. I make no excuses: I’m a vicious competitor. I’m like that in disc golf too. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

I hope you’ll all tune in. I hope you’ll take part in the chat that goes along with the game. I hope you’ll monetarily contribute to the cause John is featuring: Feeding America.

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