The Update Episode Vol. 3

Ed says as much as he can about new information regarding many of the cases Unfound has covered.


Featured New Case: The Update Episode Vol 5. Listen to Ed recite all of the nearly 200 names comprising the cases since the beginning
Edward Dentzel previews this Friday’s upcoming Unfound Podcast: The Update Episode V, during yesterday’s Unfound Live.
Excerpt from Patreon Private Blog:

Yet, we’ve covered disappearances on Unfound that are at least as compelling as Brian’s and these cases are still not on the same media-attention level as Brian’s. Jason Jolkowski—disappeared during a walk in a safe neighborhood on a beautiful day in Omaha, NE. Shane Fell—disappeared after calling his brother to come pick him up after a car wreck. Renee Lamanna—disappeared from what is essentially an island. Speaking of video . . . Steven Koecher—disappeared after being seen on video walking through one of the safest communities in Las Vegas/Henderson.

Sure, Jason’s disappearance might be known due to his mother’s great work for many years. And Steven’s has gotten attention on Disappeared and other places. But neither of these or the others have gotten “Brian Shaffer attention” even though their circumstances are just as puzzling as Brian’s.

We could go to the other end of the spectrum. Susan Powell. To me, there was never any mystery to her disappearance. Her husband killed her, then drove somewhere with their kids and dumped her. It is a common, common scenario in disappearances—probably the MOST common. Yet somehow, Susan has gotten all this attention while almost all the other ones haven’t.

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