Aundria Bowman: In Memoriam

BREAKING NEWS (watch video link below). ‘Allegan Police Find Body, Possibly of Teen Who Went Missing in 1989’ via By Audra Gamble. 2.5.20

The first podcast can be found here:

13 | The Disappearance of Aundria Michele Bowman: A Reunion Undone.

Aundria Michelle Bowman was a 14 year old from Hamilton, MI. She had been adopted when she was very young and never knew her biological family. On March 11, 1989, Aundria allegedly ran away from her family’s farm house after getting caught stealling money. She was never seen again.

Facebook Page for Aundria Bowman:…

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If you have any information concerning the disappearance of Aundria Bowman, please contact: Allegan County Sheriff’s Department (616) 673-5441

Aundria Bowman: 1st Episode

Aundria Bowman: 2nd episode, follow-up
Excerpt from Private Patreon Blog

I had resolved a while ago that when I did her In Memoriam, that I would use her original name, Alexis, and not the one that the Bowman’s gave her. The Bowman’s were not parents. They weren’t even caretakers or custodians. Instead, they were obviously abusers, and Dennis is a killer. Thus, the name they gave Alexis should not be used.

The big question is why would a couple adopt a daughter in 1974, then turn around and kill her in 1989. And yes, I do believe the mother knew what Dennis did and covered it up for him. Is there proof of that? Not that I know. But she couldn’t have been THAT naive.

The problem? There is probably no proof the mother had anything to do with Alexis’ death. The even bigger problem at least the way I understand it right now? The only reason they charged Dennis with Alexis’ murder is because they know, for sure, that he killed Kathleen Doyle.

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