Christopher Sanders | Over the Fence | Ep 190


Christopher Lynn Sanders was a 40 year old from Cason, TX. He had two children and loved to fish. On the morning of August 13, 2017, in Monahans, TX, someone saw Chris walk away from his trailer, jump a fence, head east on I 20, and disappear in the distance. He was never seen again.

Excerpt from Unfound Private Blog | Patreon

Chris left the driver’s door open—this goes right with the alarm: Why would someone do that? I suppose we could start to see in our heads a picture of a man who was having some type of mental episode. Given Chris’ history, that is possible, certainly.

Yet, that brings us to the last point: Why was the trailer locked but the truck wasn’t? Truthfully, this is another one of those things that doesn’t quite make sense. Of course, if you don’t believe the walk away story, then maybe the trailer being locked and the truck’s door being open DOES make sense. So, let’s talk about it, right here right now: Is the story about how Chris walked away true?

Watch Ed Dentzel preview this case on Unfound Live
Watch | Explanation of map, residence and trajectory as explained by Edward Dentzel
The Disappearance of Christopher Sanders: Over the Fence

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