Dennis “Jay” Lushbough Jr.,: At Last Sight | Ep 187

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Dennis Lushbough Jr., “Jay” to those who loved him most, was a 44 year old from Iola, KS. He was an only child and worked in construction. On Sunday August 14, 2017, Dennis and his girlfriend were allegedly coming back from camping. They got into a fight and the girlfriend got out of their van. She stormed off as Dennis drove away. He was never seen again.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Dennis “Jay” Lushbough Jr., please contact the Allen County Sheriff’s Office at 620-365-1400.

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Excerpts from Edward Dentzel’s Private Blog about the case | For More Subscribe to | thank you for supporting Unfound Podcast

“Before I get into the analysis, I again want to make a point that I made in the episode: ANYTHING is possible in this disappearance. Overdose. Suicide. Jay is still alive. Jay was murdered. Jay died from the elements. ANYTHING.”

“However, I will say this. As much as the flat tire caught my attention during the interview, what is probably more important are the items that were both inside and outside the van when it was found.”

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Iola, Kansas

Iola Kansas, where Mr. Lushbough resided, to Chanute Kansas, where Alexandria’s sister resides

Van Found 5 miles from Alexandria’s sister’s house | Private property near the intersection of 1700 St. and Arizona Rd.

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