Suzanne Lyall Disappearance | A Young Woman in Transition | Ep 1

NEW: Map Analysis for Suzanne Lyall’s Episode
Suzanne’s Very Short Walk from Bust To Dorm
Suzanne’s Credit Card Used – withdrawal of $20
Suzanne’s Route from Bus Stop to Dorm

Ed Dentzel’s Private Blog | Excerpts | Suzanne Lyall

I’m over 3000 words now and I think at this point you can see this case isn’t so black and white as it seems.

It’s tough. And now you see why the case is unsolved after 21 years. 

There is another part about this that we can’t ignore: Just because a woman goes missing after breaking up with her boyfriend, doesn’t mean the ex-boyfriend did it. Yes, that’s a logical idea to have and it’s surely worth investigating. But not all ex-boyfriends are violent criminals. In fact, very few are

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