Thomas Brown | Seeds of Doubt | Ep 95

Ed Dentzel Interviewed by KAMR Local 4 News | Amarillo Texas

Important updates since Unfound’s case coverage beginning in June 2018
  • Jan 2019: Remains of Thomas Brown found by Deputy Pyne Gregory by accident
  • August 2019: Meeting held in which Texas Rangers declared Tom probably died by suicide. However, they didn’t close the case–it remains open.
  • Late 2019: Sheriff Lewis resigns due to faking paperwork regarding deputy training.
Ed Dentzel’s Private Blog | Excerpt | Thomas Brown


So, I wanted all of you to understand how that all came about—the episode was already over 3 hours so I didn’t want to get into that in my summation. And hey, that’s why you’re Patreon supporters—you want to read these things that others don’t know…

Having said ALL that, there is something else you should know—and this goes back to my original belief in this case. We didn’t hit this too hard in the episode because I believe there is still something to it on a deeper level. And it concerns …

Well, getting back to the texts, what we didn’t discuss is that there is also video from the middle school that night. There is NOTHING suspicious on it. It shows exactly what Christian and Caleb said happened. Caleb left. Then Christian left a little while later. Well . . . here is the interesting part . . .

So, what do I think happened that night?

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